Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I teach right after the course?

Yes. Different from other teacher training programs out there, our commitment is to develop amazing teachers who can actually TEACH solid confident yoga classes, right out of training. This is one of the distinguishing factors of our course compared to other courses.

2. Why 21 days?

Some say that it takes 21 days to break old habits and build new ones. While that is an inspiring motivation, our reason is much more simple. We seek to maximize your training time so you have more time to get on with life. Everyone is different, some are restricted with how much time they can take off work, others will need to rush home to their families & kids, and a few will want to stay longer for a little vacation in paradise. Practically speaking, most countries where we offer courses only allow for 30 day tourist visas. So rather than dragging things out, we seek to maximize our time together to get it all in and done in three weeks. It’s long days but Sundays are half days for you to rest and it’s over before you know it.

3. Can you really do 200 hours in 21 days?

Yes. How? Long days and working directly with top senior teachers. No junior assistances or novice teachers – only senior teachers with the highest qualifications from yoga alliance, E-500RYTs lead our courses. We also limit our course attendance to maximize one on one interaction, and you’ll work directly with senior teachers.

4. Is this course recognized abroad, back in my home country?

Yes. This course meets the requirements for Yoga Alliance, 200-RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), which is an internationally recognized organization.

5. How is this course different from other hot yoga trainings?

– This course is different from other trainings in many ways:

a. All course leaders hold the highest level of certification, E-500RYT, with Yoga Alliance, as well as additional training certifications in corporate professional development

b. Sole focus is on training and development. More than just a yoga studio, we are a yoga school specializing in professional development, adult education, in-depth yogic studies. The commitment is to develop amazing teachers, and to accomplish this goal there is an extensive amount of time on actual practice teaching.

c. Training curriculum is divided across 3 training modules, to maximize effectiveness and provide teacher/ students variety in teaching, more job opportunities, and a path for growth and development.

d. 21-Day intensive study provides the highest level of training, in the shortest amount of time possible. 21-Days lets participants balance their yoga studies vs. their life commitments; allowing for less time away from work & family.