Ignite Your Passion. Transform Your Life. Teach Yoga!

Hot Yoga is by far one of the most popular forms of yoga being practised and offered in studios today. Having the skills necessary to lead solid Hot classes will not only create new employment opportunities for teaching, but will also empower you with proven techniques to make a difference in the lives of others. 

The approach to yoga is as diverse as its practitioners, and so are the skills needed to master the art and science of teaching. Hot Yoga is but one branch on the tree of hatha yoga. However, when practiced regularly with the guidance of an experienced teacher, it fuels the fire of transformation. 

 Crow Yoga is a method of practicing and teaching Hot Yoga in a way that caters to all levels of practitioner.  Created by Copper Crow and based on his personal practice and tenure teaching and managing studios for Pure-Yoga Asia.  Crow Yoga method consists of three practice styles, each preparing for the next as a curriculum of development.  The approach allows students to find the right class for them, and the teacher training empowers teachers to work with a greater variety of students.    

The Hot Yoga teacher training course is designed with this one aim in mind – to create the foundation for powerful experienced hot yoga teachers so that they can go out and change the world, one sweaty body at a time. 

This programme is specially designed for all HOT YOGA lovers, especially for those who wish to take their practice to another level – through both physical and karma practice, by stepping into the role of teacher and sharing the path with others. Participants will come away with a profound understanding of their personal practice, as well as the skills required to effectively teach a wide array of students through the practice of Hot Yoga.  Our course is unique. Nowhere else will you find such a modular approach to Hot Yoga teacher training: we build on the classic foundational sequence by weaving in hot (and non hot) Hatha and Vinyasa flow styles to provide students with a holistic yoga education that will give them the edge in the industry. And nowhere else will you find teachers with more than 15+ years’ experience of leading Yoga teacher training courses plus corporate and professional development training.

Learning modern techniques to teach the ancient practice of Yoga will allow you to go back to the world loaded with the tools, skills and confidence to be a top Hot Yoga teacher, giving you an edge to be hired by studios worldwide.

One goal, one aim – to build a community of powerful hot yogis and hot yoga teachers! 

This programme meets the requirements for Yoga Alliance 200-hour Teacher Training Certification.